Petr was born and raised in Jihlava, Czech Republic where he played youth hockey since the age of 6 years old until 20 years old. Petr then moved to the United States to pursue his dream of playing at the highest level. He played junior hockey for the Utah Grizzlies and minor Pro hockey. His hockey career was cut short due to an injury. But Petr’s love for hockey was so strong that there was no question about what he was going to do next. Petr started to coach young goalies in California. He also worked as goalie coach and consultant for different Junior teams and was running his own goalie schools. After 10 years in the United States Petr returned home to coach goalies in his home club Dukla Jihlava. This club is known to have one of the biggest and most famous hockey history in Europe.

Petr's hard work of developing goalies in Dukla over the last few years has paid off. It is a FACT that as of right now 4 of his goalies are under NHL contract, and 3 out of those 4 goalies were raised in the Dukla system! Those goalies are: David Rittich - Calgary Flames, Josef Korenar - San Jose Sharks, and Jakub Skarek - New York Islanders. Goalie Miroslav Svoboda from the Nashville Predators was picked by Petr to start for Dukla Pro team. After just one season with Dukla, Svoboda won all the goalie stats and helped Dukla win and get a promotion to the highest league in Czech ELH. Svoboda is recently playing back in Europe.

Big THANKS goes to Dukla GM Bedrich Scerban who was very supportive in letting Petr create a customized training system on and off the ice. Petr was also in charge of putting together a team of goalie coaches who work with all of the Dukla youth teams, all under the same system. Petr's system. All goalie coaches are working together at the club’s goalie clinics. Those coaches are: Jan Drsata, Lukas Sablik, Daniel Stastny and Roman Peschout (recently coaching in Vsetin)

Thanks to Petr, Dukla is able to develop not just great goalies but also it's own goalie coaching team for continued success.

Skarek Svoboda Jaros promotion celebration

Broz Jaros Lundstrom.JPG
Broz Jaros Lundstrom
Dukla and Red Wings.jpg
Dukla and Red Wings
Champions 2016 Sablik Jaros Honzik.JPG
Champions 2016 Sablik Jaros Honzik
Champions 2016 Sablik Jaros Skarek.JPG
Champions 2016 Sablik Jaros Skarek
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Jan Brož,Petr Jaros, Niklas Lundstrom, Ondřej Chaloupek
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Jaros Honzik
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Jaros Skarek
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Lundstrom Jaros Broz
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Rittich Jaros
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Skarek and Honzik
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Skarek Jaros
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Skarek Jaros Svoboda
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Volden Jaros Skarek Broz
Petr Jaroš
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