Petr Jaroš

professional ice hockey goaltending coach

Petr has one of the most diverse and complete goalie coaching resumes in all of Europe

Petr’s experience includes KHL, NHL development camp, 4 different National teams, TOP international tournaments including Olympic Games, World Cup of Hockey, 5 World Championships and several years of coaching goaltenders in the US.
Petr speaks 4 languages. English, Russian, Czech and Slovakian. He is a great communicator with goalies from all over the world.


more than a decade of working internationally


goalies playing at highest levels all over the world

Individual approach

to each goalie’s needs and potential


speaking 4 languages

Modern goalie coaching approach

Petr takes a very individual approach to each goalie he works with and tailors his program to fit their needs.
Petr does not teach a specific style. He teaches a system that is very effective for each goalie in all different playing situations in a game.
He uses video breakdown from each game to not only address the allowed goals and mistakes but more importantly to point out well played situations, good decision making and playing the puck to help teammates.
Working closely with defensemen is not only crucial but also very effective to minimize the goals allowed.
Petr is constantly looking to better himself as a goalie coach and is finding new ways to get the most out of each individual goaltender he works with.

Petr takes advise from various other professionals such as conditioning coaches, physical therapists and sports psychologists to further help his goaltenders.  His goal for his goalies is to be well rounded and to completely dominate each and every situation in a game.  Petr also consults and shares ideas and philosophies with other International goalie coaches on a regular basis.  His collaboration indeed proves why his goalies are the most DEVELOPED on and off the ice.

Are you looking to improve your goaltending results? You can hire Petr as a consultant to help with video break down of your goalies in games and at practice. Petr will develop strategies and training ideas that are customized for your individual goalies.

Petr Jaroš
Tel.: +420 774 457 718

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